The Sign of the Nine

Did magic end?

No, It changed. The most important symbol for witches and practitioners of the occult used to be a star with five points. Now the number of points is …


The number of angels that could dance on a pin used to be seven, now it is …


The Beatles used to have a song called “Eight Days a Week.” It was not enough to show they cared, so now it is …


Few know that our universe, as well as the realms of heaven, hell, fairy, and chaos are nothing more than the dream of a powerful entity at the center of reality. Not long ago, that Dreamer nearly awakened. Its eyes opened only a crack, but when Lucifers nine daughters helped sing it back to sleep, they unwittingly changed the very fabric of reality. Is it stronger, weaker, or about to unravel?

“The Sign of the Nine,” contains the new adventures of the devil’s nine daughters, their new magic, and the new threats they face.

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