The goal of Curious Tomes is to help Wattpad authors with sizeable followings take their stories to a new level, to see their work published both in e-book and paperback. As such, Curious Tomes will accept works that have been previously published on Wattpad, providing the authors agree to unpublish at least half the book and put a link to the buy page for the published version.

What we are looking for in novels: Curious Tomes is looking for anything in the broad categories of fantasy and science fiction, including stories that straddle genre boundaries (so long as they have one foot in the unreal).

What we are looking for in short stories: Curious tomes will have calls out from time to time with anthology concepts. Please check our Wattpad Site for more details!

Content: No graphic sex (i.e. no “pink parts”), minimal gore (i.e. nothing worse than “Raiders of the Lost Ark”), minimal or no use of swear words.

No glorification or demonization of any political parties, ideologies, or beliefs. We’re not interested in stories about why atheists, Mormons, Catholics, Baptists, Moslems, or religion itself is either bad or superior. Nor are we interested in stories about gun control, why socialism does or does not work, etc. Stories about characters in one of the above group that treats that faith/ideology with respect, however, is fine.

The one exception is Nazis. Nobody likes those guys. Feel free to have your time travelers kill Hitler. 🙂

Why should you publish with Curious Tomes? Curious Tomes will take care of editing, formatting for both print and e-book form, distributing royalties between sets of authors (if applicable), and marketing. In return, “Curious Tomes” will charge an “agent fee” which consists of 15% of the profits. If an artist needs to be hired for the cover, the plan is to pay them 10% of profits, instead of a flat amount.

Our Blog: Following publication, authors will be invited to post on the “Curious Tomes” blog. It is hoped that all authors will announce the book and any of their blog posts on whatever social media they participate in.

Note! Curious Tomes is still figuring things out, so this page could change in the future if we discover a better way of doing things.

Fun: Finally, the mission of Curious Tomes is to put fun first. None of us expect to become rich, but we do want the joy of holding a paper book in our very own hands and take our families to a fast food restaurant with our royalties.

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